You couldn't get better treatment, a better dentist, better nurses - they are always there for you. The aftercare service has been fabulous, I can't recommend them enough.


They were loose, rotten, horrible. So Ross very kindly removed all of my teeth and put my implants in for the top and bottom, made the set of teeth and now I can give Jaws a run for his money!

I don't recall any pain really - discomfort... yes, but not any pain.


If you have confidence in somebody, you just know it will go right or even if something did go wrong you trust he will know how to put it right. So yes, total confidence, he's really, really lovely.

It was expensive but it was absolutely worth it! I justify it to myself because lots of people will go out and spend thousands of pounds on a car but I didn't, I spent it on my teeth and it's going to make the rest of my life very different to how it would have been.